Thai Language Center : The First Thai Language Institution in the San Francisco Bay Area
Thai Language Center : The First Thai language institution in the San Francisco Bay Area



     When there is the need for American or European’s familiarity with the mores of Thai culture, San Business Consultants, a consulting department of TLC, meets this need in an unparalleled fashion. We know both Western and Thai cultures and work with clients both in the West and in Thailand who require assistance in corporate business ventures, marketing analysis, education and employment opportunities, immigration needs, finance and banking requirements, retirement relocation and real estate acquisition in either the United States or Thailand.

     We can help you begin your international business or expand your existing markets. With over twenty years of experience in the business worlds of both America and Thailand, our consulting services are critical to the success of Thai and/or American companies interested in import, export, computer programming, technology, manufacturing or new business development. Our original business center is located in San Francisco, California which gives us an added advantage of knowing the American markets interested in Thai products. There is no better time than right now to prepare your business to be ready for the American and global economic scene.

Thai Restaurant Consulting Services

     Our Thai restaurant consulting services start when you think about opening a Thai restaurant. We will help you set up your budget plan, look for the location, lead you through all the required paper work and licenses such as the business license, beer & wine license, and food safety license. We deal with insurance, business tax, payroll tax, workman compensation, immigration, building planning department, fire department, health department, EDD (Employment Development Department), and labor commission. TLC's ONE STOP service will provide convenience to new business owners and cater you to be a successful Thai restaurant owner. We believe in “Doing the right things that will result in success without hassle”.
     After you are in the Thai restaurant business, our next step consulting service to Thai restaurant owners are to help you promote your visibility, expand your client base, and increases your profits. We also offer several products that will customize your restaurant in the public's eye. Some of our services and products include:

Training Services:
-Employee food safety training
-Wait staff manner training

Product Lines:

Thai design guest checks
Thai design placemats
Thai design T-shirt bags
Thai design take-out containers
Thai design menus
Typesetting in Thai Fonts

We can customize any product to fit your needs as you request.

Food Safety Training

     TLC offers food safety education certificate classes for restaurant personnel. TLC is certified by the National Restaurant Association, Educational Foundation in Chicago, Illinois and the State of California to issue the ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certificate. This certificate is required by the California Health Department for all restaurant owners. Each restaurant in California must be recertified every three years. Recertification requirements are met by passing an approved and accredited food safety certification examination. Upon passing this examination, you will receive the ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certificate.
For more information and for sign-up dates for certification and recertification classes, please e-mail us at



Training Courses

     JP Moral, the training department of TLC, offers general training courses and in-house training courses for many major corporations in the Bay Area on a regular basis. We customize our lessons to match your company’s needs. We never use the same materials twice for any training course. We learn your company’s history and challenges and based on our research in your organization, we design a training course to suit your needs.

TLC and JP Moral offer training courses as follows:

comment 4Q (IQ, EQ, PQ, SQ)
comment Business Communication
comment Business Psychology
comment Coaching
comment Conflict Resolution
comment Conflict Prevention in Workplace
comment Crash Course for Travelers to Thailand
comment Creativity
comment Cross Culture Communication
comment Cross Culture Management
comment Cross Culture Negotiation
comment Cross Culture Orientation
comment Cross Culture Leadership Training 
comment CSR in Asian Business
comment CSR: The New Key of Success
comment CSR Leader
comment Dealing with Cross Culture People
comment Dealing with Difficult People
comment Doctor and Patients Communication
comment Food Safety Training for Chef
comment Food Safety Training for Manager
comment Food Safety Training for Restaurant Workers
comment Global Business Management
comment Global Leadership
comment Global Business Connection
comment Mobbing in Workplace
comment New Generation Leadership
comment Peaceful Mind and Happy Spirit
comment Positive Thinking for Thais
comment How to Set Your Purpose, Vision, and Value
comment How to Write Your 10 years Plan
comment How to Peaceful Your Mind and Spirit
comment Restaurant Wait Staff Training
comment Social Responsibility in Education
comment Social Responsibility in University Policy
comment Sexual Harassment
comment Stress Management
comment Teamwork Upgrade
comment Time Management
comment Transform Conflict to Creativity
comment Understand the Power of Thai Culture

     You will receive a Certificate of Completion when you successful complete the training course(s) selected.

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