Thai Language Center : The First Thai Language Institution in the San Francisco Bay Area
Thai Language Center : The First Thai language institution in the San Francisco Bay Area


    Our staffs are comprised of native Thai speakers, trained in foreign language learning, able to bring you into the six levels of Thai conversation classes and four levels of reading and writing classes. An additional crash course for travelers is offered that readies you for your journey to Thailand. Individual and small group classes are available.

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Beginning Thai Lessons I, II

     Beginning Thai Lessons I and II cover basic conversational Thai that prepares you to communicate effectively with Thai people. We also provide a Cultural Orientation seminar that familiarizes you with the intricacies of Thai customs. This Orientation course is required of all students prior to taking any other courses at TLC.

Intermediate Conversation I, II

     Intermediate Conversation I and II teach you essential Thai vocabulary, everyday expressions and basic grammatical structures. Special emphasis on intonation teaches you how to adjust your voice to the correct tones in the Thai language

Advanced Conversation I, II

      Upon completing Advanced Conversation I and II, you will be able to speak the Thai language using correct grammar and the correct tones. You will be surprised in your developed ability to communicate in Thai.  

Reading and Writing I, II, III, IV

      Over the course of these four classes you learn the Thai alphabet. Special emphasis is placed on all 32 vowels. Students learn how to create words using the Thai alphabet. In addition, students learn Thai vocabulary, everyday expressions and basic grammatical structures using the Thai script. Beginning Thai Lesson I and II are recommended before taking the Reading and Writing courses.

Crash Course for Travelers

      This crash course is very popular among tourists who want an introduction to the Thai language in order to communicate and feel at ease when traveling in Thailand. This course offers travel guidance and survival skills necessary for a safe and enjoyable trip. The Crash Course enhances your traveling experience and enables you to get the most out of your visit to Thailand.

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